Nakson Group Of Companies

Nakson IT Services

Nakson IT Services is a leading provider of IT solutions, specializing in a wide range of services for diverse industries. Focused on delivering comprehensive and innovative solutions, the company excels in areas such as website development, logistics optimization, and brand relationship management. With a commitment to excellence, Nakson IT Services empowers businesses across various sectors to thrive in the digital landscape.


MomDaughts is a premium brand specializing in cosmetics and women's health care products. The brand is known for its high-quality serums that cater to various skincare needs. In addition, MomDaughts offers a diverse range of women's health care products, including the largest selection of menstrual cups. Committed to enhancing women's well-being, MomDaughts delivers top-notch products that prioritize both beauty and health.

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Bulk Source

BulkSource, Pakistan's premier wholesale e-commerce platform, caters to resellers with a dual focus on packing materials and streamlined product sourcing. Specializing in competitive wholesale prices, the platform offers essential e-commerce packing supplies and facilitates efficient product procurement. With a user-friendly interface, BulkSource is the go-to destination for resellers seeking a comprehensive solution for their packing material and sourcing needs

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Deep Sea Life Sciences

is a leading pharmaceutical company dedicated to delivering innovative and high-quality medical solutions. Specializing in premium medical supplies, the company also offers essential items for mothers and women, including nipple protectors, nursing pads, menstrual cups, and medical usable like cooling patches. Committed to improving health and well-being, Deep Sea Life Sciences prioritizes excellence in its product offerings.

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